Rail Riders – How to Dress Like a Pirate

I’ve been looking for some tough nylon pants to wear while adventure racing that would hold up to the demands of bushwhacking through saw palmettos.  I also wanted them to be light enough to wear during the summer and quick drying.  I came across Rail Riders after searching on the internet and decided to order the Men’s X-treme Adventure Pants along with the Men’s Eco-Mesh Shirt.  I waited anxiously for the shipment to arrive.  Since I hadn’t ordered anything from Rail Riders before, I ordered a couple of different sizes and in-seams.  When the package finally arrived, I ripped into it and tried on the pants and shirt.  Ana was in the kitchen making dinner and when I came out and she saw me, she couldn’t help but laugh.  My ego was crushed.  Here I thought I was looking like Mr. Adventurer and instead I looked like I should be swabbing the decks of some pirate ship.


Even my mom, who was visiting for the week, couldn’t contain herself.  Nothing better than getting laughed at by your mother.  I took a look in the mirror and was instantly reminded of the “Puffy Shirt” episode on Seinfeld.

While the puffy shirt, I mean Eco-Mesh shirt is out, I ordered a pair of the Bushwhacker Weatherpants.  I like the material of the Rail Rider pants and think that they will work great, but I wanted to try a pair that wasn’t pegged at the ankle like my 90’s MC Hammer Pants.  They are light weight and look to be extremely durable.  As summer is right around the corner, there’s no way that I can wear the Under Armour tights that I’ve used in the past.

weatherpantsOnce I get the Weatherpants in and use them for awhile, I’ll let you know how they work out.

I ordered a pair of the Weatherpants for Ana, but they ended up looking like mom jeans so she decided to pass.


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