Maps 4 Racers

Check out the Adventure Racers Map.  We are a small, some say dwindling, community interested in Adventure Racing and I thought it would be cool if we knew where other like-minded individuals were located for possible meetups for training, racing, or just plain hanging out.  To add yourself to the map, click on the, “View Larger Map” link below.  Navigate to the place you’d like to mark, click the inverted teardrop on the top of the map. Select your place and then edit your entry.  Please add your name so we know who you are and comment if others can contact you for racing/training meetups.

View Larger Map

If you have any ideas on how to make the map more useful, please let me know.  Comment below if you have any problems accessing or editing the map.

Adventure Race Hub has done an awesome job putting together a map of adventure race locations.  You can check it out by clicking the map image below.

Race Map

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