Team Disoriented sponsors Trek

After many days and nights of indecision, Team Disoriented finally decided to contributed heartily to the financial well-being of Trek bikes.  This afternoon, Ana and I went to Bob’s Bicycles and asked the sales guy, Mike, if the shop would like to sponsor the awesomest adventure racing team in Northwest Florida by donating two X-Caliber 8 bikes to the team.  In hindsight I think Mike handle the situation quite well by laughing for only 15 minutes.  Once he stopped, we were able to work out an agreeable price and he was even kind enough to hand me a fire extinguisher to put out the flames on my credit card once the purchase was complete.  So there you have it, Team WalMart, I mean Team Disoriented has stepped up their game from this…


to this…


All kidding aside, Bob’s Bicycles is a great place to go if your looking for a new ride.  They have a great selection and really friendly staff to help you out.  No, we’re not sponsored by them, but we could be…wink wink 😉  If you go there, talk to Mike and tell him that Team Disoriented sent you.  He won’t know who the hell you’re talking about, but that’s what makes it funny.

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