Gearing up for the Turkey Burn AR

The Turkey Burn Adventure Race is 3 weeks away and we have been busy gearing up for it.  Since this will be our first night race, there was a lot of stuff that we needed to get…mainly lights.  I looked at a couple of different adventure racing team blogs to see what they were using and then I looked at my checking account and decided to go a different route.  I finally decided to go with all Fenix lights because they seemed to be quality made products that were within our budget.  Yes Ana, we actually have a budget.  Of course, having a budget and following a budget are entirely different things.


In the pic above you can see our new lights.  Aren’t they awesome!  Makes me want to go for a night run right now.  Well, maybe if it wasn’t so cold outside and I wasn’t so lazy.  Anyway, one of the reasons that I went with Fenix and chose these particular lights is because they all run on standard AA batteries.  I didn’t want to worry about recharging the batteries or finding exotic batteries during a race.  In addition, by selecting lights that all use AA, we can swap batteries between lights if necessary.

Fenix HL21 Headlamp – One per team member.  Small headlamp on the bike helmet.  Very light weight.  This is the light that we’ll carry on our heads most of the time whether running or biking so it needed to be small, light, and waterproof.  Easily mounts on the bike helmets.

Fenix HP25 Headlamp – One per team.  Large headlamp with the battery pack.  This is the light that the lead runner/biker will wear when the conditions call for additional lighting.  The other team members will follow behind using their small lights.  Has individual controls for spot or flood.

Fenix BT10 Bike Light – One per team member.  Small lamp with battery pack.  Dual distance beam provides simultaneous illumination for near and far objects.  The bike light also comes with a mount to let it be used as a helmet light.

Fenix LD41 Flashlight – One per team.  Small flashlight.  521 lumens and waterproof, this is the torch we’ll be bringing out when we’re looking for those difficult to find checkpoints.  This is a really bright light that uses AA batteries.  Fenix has a new variant that is even brighter, at 680 lumens, but it has less run time–so I opted for this one.

So far, I am very pleased with these lights but I must admit that we haven’t used them much.  In the next few weeks we should give them a run for their money and, after the Turkey Burn AR, I’ll do a review to let you know what worked and what didn’t.  If Fenix would like to positively influence this future write-up, Team Disoriented is taking donations of cash or gear and I can provide the appropriate shipping address…I’m kidding of course.

(wink…wink…IM me).

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