Ticked Off

I like to finish a long adventure race with a post-race beer(s) which is usually followed by the post-race shower.  The post-race shower is followed by the post-race tick check which is usually followed by the post-race…Oops, family blog.  There are many benefits to racing with one’s spouse 😉  Anyway, usually we have come out tick free but after the 18Hr Nocturnal Challenge I found 2 ticks on Ana, and believe me, I did a thorough search.  Now, we have tried tweezers and hot pins, incantations and voodoo rituals to remove these nasty buggers with their head intact, but this time we tried The Tick Key.  This magical device weighs almost nothing and easily slips into a Ziploc bag containing my survival blanket and blister pads.

The Tick Key

I, of course, bought the green one so that if I drop it in the woods it would be super difficult to find.  I like a challenge ya know.  I would recommend an orange colored one for those lazy people that don’t like searching for hours in the woods at night for their dropped Tick Key.

And for those that may think, “Wow, I love the Tick Key but man is it heavy!”  You can even cut it down to reduce its massive size.

The Tick Key small

How does it work, you ask?  Well, nothing short of magic.  You fit the tick through the large hole–if it won’t fit then you have some serious tick issues and should probably seek professional medical attention.  Then you slide the Tick Key under the critter, body on one side, mouth parts on the other.

tick removal dog

A slight lever action and, pop, off comes the tick.  I like to crush the nasty bastards once I’ve removed them because they’re simply disgusting.  That’s it folks, super cheap, super easy.  Buy one today, buy one from my link at the top of the post and I’ll actually make $0.03

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