That’s a wrap, folks!

A big heartfelt thank you to those that supported and followed our team in 2017.  It was a tough season that didn’t quite end the way that we had hoped.  Hurricane Irma decided to crash through our area on Sept 10th-11th, forcing FLX to cancel the FL24, our last regular race of the season.

And with post-hurricane recovery, there was just no way that we could make USARA Nationals on Sept 22nd either.  A real bummer as we were really looking forward to racing against some of the top U.S. teams.  However, when all the points were counted, we ended the season 5th overall and we’re extremely proud of that accomplishment.

Final Rankings

A huge thank you to Ana and Todd, the best teammates ever.  There’s no one else I would rather get lost in the woods with.  Thanks for always making it fun.

Team Disoriented

So, what will 2018 bring?  Who knows?  A higher level of bad assery?  Perhaps.  But, I’ve recently reacquired my addiction to chocolate cake and good beer…so maybe not.  Regardless, I appreciate everyone that follows along with our antics.  I hope we bring some humor to your day and maybe even a little inspiration…maybe…just a little…hello?

As always a big thank you to:

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