The Agony of My Feet – Book Review

Lately, I have been traveling a lot due to work and to pass the time I often download books on my Kindle Fire.  I just finished reading, The Thrill of Victory, the Agony of My Feet.  For a long time I hesitated on purchasing this book because, well honestly, I thought the title was stupid.  But, since Amazon doesn’t have a large selection of books on adventure racing, and my flight was rapidly approaching, I went ahead and ordered it.

The book turned out to be really good.  What is most interesting to me about the book is that it isn’t written by one person.  Rather, the book is a compilation of short stories from many different adventure racers.  Inside are articles from Ian Adamson, Mike Kloser, Robyn Benincasa, Robert Nagle–the heavy hitters in the sport of adventure racing.  But, there are also stories from unknown racers.  For some, their story focuses on their very first expedition length adventure race.  Other racers, who have been doing events for many years, talk about why they love the sport.

I recently finished watching all of the Eco-Challenge videos I could find on YouTube and many of the racers write about these races, offering insights that weren’t captured on the shows.  While many of the stories focus on the Eco-Challenge races, there were enough variations in point of view to keep the book from getting stale.  I would say though that this book is better read in segments rather than straight through.  I think if one was to read it straight through, the stories might get a little tiresome.  But, for an in-flight book or as a bathroom reader, it works perfectly.

While traveling I don’t have much motivation for working out so the book really helped getting my butt in the gym or out on a run.  When I found myself not wanting to train, I would read a short story from the book and it would get my pumped to go.  So, for $8 bucks on the Kindle, I would definitely recommend it.  Pick it up, thumb through it, get motivated and go race.

See you out there!

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