Training Day 12/15/2013

RunAnother training day for Team Disoriented.  We were hoping to go up to Auburn, AL where there is a permanent orienteering course, but the forecast called for 100% chance of rain so we decided to stay home and train.  I really wanted to run, bike and canoe but with temperatures hovering in the 50’s and 15mph winds, I chickened out on the canoe bit.  Instead we ran 7.5miles on trails at Rocky Bayou State Park and then went to Timberlake and rode 11.5 miles of trails.  Ana conquered the big drop that cracked her tailbone last time.  I’m very proud of her for taking the challenge head on and not letting fear get the best of her.Timberlake

I really like the mountain bike trails at Timberlake, but sometimes I have a hard time figuring out which way to go.  Today we attempted Carbo and had a great run (check out the trail map for Timberlake under Local Links on the sidebar).  The trail is a bunch of switchbacks where you go downhill for a little way, do a 180° switchback and then climb back uphill before doing another 180° switchback and going back downhill.  By the end, my legs were burning pretty hard on the up hills.

After Carbo, we attempted to follow Speed Demon.  We got about halfway through and then I chose the wrong path and we ended up backtracking on the part we had already done.  You can see this in the GPS plot above.  I like Speed Demon because it doesn’t have the downhills and roots that the other trails have.  As the name implies, you can get to some pretty fast speeds on this section of track.  Well, someone with mountain biking skills could get to some pretty fast speeds.  We more or less meander down the trails as we build up our courage and skills.  Did I mention that on Carbo we were passed by a runner.  A RUNNER!  I felt like throwing a stick at him as he whizzed by.

Once we realized we were lost on Speed Demon, we took an exit to the main road and then went over to Stinky Creek for our last trail.  Stinky Creek is very well marked and it is a lot of fun.  Good drops, hard climbs, some tight sections and plenty of opportunities for disaster.  At the approach of the Big Drop, Ana said a little prayer, closed her eyes, gripped the handlebars until they bent and launched herself into the abyss.  I was there with the camera just in case she wanted to trying flying again.  But this time she nailed it and rode through without any issues.  By now, the sun was setting, the temperature was dropping and we were all ready to finish and go get some sushi and hot and sour soup from Red Ginger.  We finished the trail as quickly as we could and headed off to our favorite post-workout restaurant.  It’s awesome knowing that you just spent 3 hours burning 1700 calories and can go stuff your face with beer and sushi.  At least I think it’s awesome.

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