Round the Bay Ultra Relay – What are we thinking?!

What happens when you miss the Turkey Burn Adventure Race and there aren’t any races until January and it’s winter time and you really want to go do something?  Well, if you’re Team Disoriented, you sign up for something like the Round the Bay Ultra Relay of course. Could there possibly be a better way to spend the Saturday after Christmas than running 36.8 miles in a big ass circle?

roundthebayThe good news is that we don’t have to do all 36.8 miles at once.  Rather, the Round the Bay is a relay race.  The bad news is that we only have 2 people on our team whereas most teams have 6 people.  Ana and I will both have to run 18.4 miles and we plan on doing it in 6 legs, alternating between legs.  The longest run I have ever done is a half marathon a little over a year ago, so this will be a challenge.  Ana is a running machine so I’m not concerned about her making it.  Unfortunately, Stu will be visiting with family and won’t be able to make it again–yeah, what’s up with that?